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From Sea to Sea, God Save Canada!

In 1998, my family left behind a country that my parents knew would be wrong for my future. It was totalitarian, obtuse, and devoid of humanity. For the next 24 years of my life, I would live in this beautiful place on planet Earth called Canada. It gave me opportunities, hobbies, interests, friendships, education, knowledge, and passion that would not have been possible in Communist China. I cannot express in words how grateful I am.

But as I grew up, the traditional values that I came to know as a youngster in Canada disappeared. Things and people had to be politically correct. Quantitative equality was more important than qualitative. Valuing people by their merit became a sin – Instead you had to pay homage to skin color and race. Logical arguments were replaced by manufactured and emotional outrage. But I dismissed all of this as the insane rumblings of a few vocal minority. “People will grow out of it.” I thought.

In these last two years, I watched a historically benevolent government that I trusted disintegrate and adopt the ways of the country my family had left behind. It made mistakes, but would not admit to them. It took advantage of our trust, and profited from it. It took rights away from Canadians, while it violated its own constitutional values. It had become totalirian, obtuse, and devoid of humanity. It was China 2.0.

Today, we have a chance to reverse course. Today, we have a chance to defeat Communism. Canada, the same country that pioneered the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, will lead the way to greatness for the world and, joined by our ever-wonderful and supportive American neighbors, show Trudeau the way out.

The Truckers’ Freedom Convoy represents the majority of us who still value our history and traditions. We will not be silent any longer.

We must make a united and concerted stand. We have no more chances. We must defeat and conquer evil once and for all. We must not stop until Trudeau resigns. We must not stop until we elect a true and honest leader who represents the traditional values of Canada. There shall be no more milquetoast and bend-with-the-wind politicians in this wonderful country. We must not allow people with no backbone to rule our country any longer. We must not allow a ruler who calls people with free will “terrorists and misogynists”. We must not allow him to divide us and dehumanize us because wer refuse to do his bidding.

God Save Canada! Where We Go One, We Go All!

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