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OP: You are probably a racist

Let’s pretend there are 10 jobs for a position at a company for which there are 100 candidates.

50 of those candidates are Asian, and 50 of those are Black. Modern racial justice theories would postulate that, because 50% of the candidacy pool is black, then 5 of those 10 jobs must be awarded to Black people. This would be the least racist thing to do right?


Discrimination and racism can be defined as making statements, or performing actions that are advantageous or disadvantageous to people of a certain physical feature. If you subscribe to the notion that hiring must be based on racial composition of the candidacy pool, then a Black candidate must necessarily be disqualified from the sixth position out of 10 simply because they are Black.

This is discrimination.

This is the special kind of racism that is wrapped with moral superiority with which we are being brainwashed every day. You are being told that pitying people based on their skin color without considering their ethics or character is less discriminating than otherwise, and that people of certain skin colors should assume a pre-defined destiny.

That is, until you realize that you are supporting the same theories that the Nazis made when they exterminated six million Jews. You supporting the same choice that the Chinese Communists are making while they put millions of Uyghurs in internment camps. You are supporting the same theory that Europeans made when they traded slaves from Africa across the Atlantic. You are following the arguments of Adolf Hitler and Pol Pott. You are setting the stage for mass-murder and internment camps.

You are a racist.

“Systemic Racism” reeks of sexual frustration.

Let’s talk about “Systemic Racism” – the new fashionable way of describing how an entire system of Blonde-hair, blue-eyed people are seeking to keep anyone who aren’t like them beneath the crushing pillars of poverty and slavery.

Hitler believed that the Jews were born into privilege and kept Caucasians out of important sectors like banking and commerce.

Systemic Racism believes that White folks are born into privilege and are keeping Blacks out of important sectors like science and technology.

Hitler believed that Jews should be stripped of their rights and have their possessions re-distributed to Aryan Germans.

Systemic Racism believes that White folks should be stripped of their rights and have their possessions redistributed to non-Whites.

Hitler believed that Jews should be re-educated in a way that makes them feel guilty or ashamed of being Jewish.

System Racism believes that White folks should be re-educated in a way that makes them feel guilty or ashamed of being White.

Hitler was a sexually-frustrated guy who tapped his own niece.

Who are the people who believe in Systemic Racism and how is their relationship with their nieces?

Laughably absent from this conversation is Asians and Hispanics; Asian and Hispanic cultures push children to be academically successful, which in turn equate to better wages and outcomes in life. So, in the eyes of Systemic Racism, Asians and Hispanics are “White”, minus the penis size.

Racism does exist, and it’s OK.

The imagery that Systemic Racism theory paints is ridiculous. Somehow, we are born into this world to play the skin-color lottery. The winners form a collective to discriminate against the losers and have a grand-old time doing so whilst chugging Jim Beam and parading around a camp fire. This absurdity is completely disproven when you take into account that a White-majority nation elected Barrack Obama to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, or that the highest earning potential for a non-White person is achieved when they don’t live on their originating continent but in White-majority USA.

Nothing can be more remotely insulting or insincere in human interaction than when you disregard another’s hard work and choices in entirety, instead opting to evaluate them based on properties over which they have no control. Imagine applying for a job at a company. You are the single most qualified candidate in the world. After submitting the application and being vetted, you are told at the in-person interview that you cannot take this job because of your height. Regardless of race, culture, or color, if you’re judging anyone based on factors over which they cannot control, regardless of how deft the argument, you have just committed an act of discrimination. Discrimination in the name of moral superiority is still discrimination, and it’s even worse than those who are just blatantly ignorant.  

Speaking anecdotally as a visible minority, I have been subject to racist remarks and discrimination. But these incidents are isolated, and mostly involve hateful people whom I fathom would not find a partner with whom to reproduce in the near future anyway. In a country that is predominantly White, I have received nothing short of kind, compassionate, and respectful treatment from my fellow citizens. To magnify individual incidences of discrimination and applying it ubiquitously as evidence of wide-spread and systemic racism is grossly neglecting those who have treated me with respect and kindness; I firmly believe they are an overwhelming majority in the world. People who believe the lunacy that is Systemic Racism must not be particularly well-endowed. And that’s humiliating, especially when it comes from a Chinaman.

But I also understand that there are many people who feel like being a visible minority in a country like USA or Canada may be a hindrance. To which the correction is simple: move to a country where you aren’t a visible minority. If you’re unwilling to do so because the alternative countries are so much worse in living conditions, then complaining about being mistreated in your current predicament isn’t about Systemic Racism. That’s just you, being a hypocrite so you can justify your sense of entitlement.

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