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The New Normal – A vision of our economic future controlled by the elite mega-rich.

Organizations like the WEF (World Economic Forum) are the conglomerate public relations engine for billionaire "philanthropists" to focus their economic and political might in order to fashion a world, where they are the ones who control global policy and power.

January 28th, 2021

Many agree that while we may never find out how SARs CoV2 was unleashed on the world, the pandemic is being used to push society into the next industrial age.

Organizations like the World Economic Forum have a plan for a global society completely different than what we find normal. A future of robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and bioengineering have already begun to reshape the way humans will live their lives. There is a theory that the elite are using their control of media to use climate change and pandemics as a form of control to allow sweeping changes that would not normally be readily accepted. That theory seems to have been proven true in some ways. The global society will change but can we trust the benevolence of the wealthy and powerful, when there are so many reasons not to?

Happen.Network has done an amazing documentary on the coming of the 4th industrial revolution. The Global Reset is their goal and they see the pandemic as an opportunity to push for sweeping changes to how we interact economically and socially. There is misinformation everywhere. Arm yourself with the facts surrounding the Global Reset and what you need to consider, to maintain relevance in our future society.

See below to watch the full documentary on YouTube or Rumble.

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